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Issue: When I launch MIDSA, I am immediately confronted by a message that tells me I do not have the appropriate privileges.
Solution: MIDSA versions 1.0.6 and earlier require administrative privileges to use. If you have Windows XP, you must use a user account that has administrative privileges. If your account (how you log in) is a limited account, it needs to be changed to an administrator account. That can only be done by someone who has an administrator account. If you are using Windows VISTA, Windows 7, or Window 8, having an administrator account is not sufficient. When you highlight MIDSA (in the START menu or on the desktop), right-click and choose Run as Administrator. If this all makes you tired, you can drag your MIDSA from C: Program Files to your desktop and run it as a limited user. For MIDSA version 1.1 and later, you can use MIDSA in a limited account. To install or update, right-click the MIDSA icon or Installer icon and choose Run as Administrator.
Affected Operating Systems: Windows XP, VISTA
Category:: Software General
Submitted:: Apr 21 2009