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Free Trial Offer - We are offering a no obligation free trial of the MIDSA. You will receive the free MIDSA software program, the adult or juvenile assessment and up to 10 free reports for a 30 day period. If you are not delighted with the MIDSA after the trial period, return the CD for no obligation (software CD is $20).

  Juvenile Adult
Basic MIDSA Inventory* $25 $30
Developmental History $25 $30
Social History $25 $30
Full MIDSA $60 $75
MIDSA follow-up assessment $20 $20

We also offer volume discounts (from 15% discount for 10-50 reports to 40% for 400 or more reports) for prepaid or multi-year contracts. Contact us for details.


*Each of the four MIDSA parts can be given as a separate inventory or they can be given in any combination. The following describes the Adult Male MIDSA.