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The Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (MIDSA) is a computerized self-report inventory that provides a clinical report to support therapeutic interventions with juveniles and adults who sexually offend. Among other information the report includes:

  • A history of living arrangements with caregivers and institutions.
  • Detailed family and child-rearing experiences, including sexual and physical abuse, neglect, caregiver relationships and vicarious violence.
  • Social, sexual, antisocial, and criminal history.
  • Scales assessing sexualization, aggressiveness, and related attitudes, beliefs, and feelings that have been found important in causing and sustaining sexually aggressive behavior.
The MIDSA is a complete software system that includes a program to present the assessment and a program to manage respondents and to request reports. The reports are requested, generated, and sent to the user via the internet, resulting in turn-around times measured in seconds.

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Caregiver History Narrative Scales

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